Are you stuck in a Golden Cage?

I don’t even know if ‘the golden cage’ is a proper English saying.  But let me try and explain. We use it in the Netherlands. Being stuck in a cage is good if you want to feel safe, that’s if you are in a cage of your own free will. This golden cage could be the reason why you are not having the succes you desired. 

I remembered when I started my business about 8,5 years ago. I had so many dreams and plans and I really thought at that time that a website a twitter account and a business card is enough for customers to find me. Little did I know I was so naive and had a lot to learn.


The customers just did’t show up


I remember the struggle of getting clients and I just couldn’t understand why they didn’t find me. In the end, I got this really good chance at becoming a freelance business trainer for a billion dollar supermarket concern. It was good and it taught me how to train and teach in a different way than I had learned in the army as an instructor.


But it should have been for only a couple of years and it ended up being almost 5 years being ‘stuck’ in this Golden cage.


High Energy kept me from seeing the truth


What do I mean by golden cage? See this supermarket concern was on a roll and really doing well. They kept me busy as a leadership trainer working through the whole of the Netherlands. I liked the high energy of this but somewhere there was this little voice inside of me saying; what about your dream of creating your own stuff instead of being forced to use the stuff they had developed?


I felt that I had to stop or at least cut down the hours because I was getting way to depended on their work only. In a way, it felt safe. I had work, I was busy, I could brag about being a leadership trainer and coach for this concern. But I knew deep down inside I was fooling myself.


I sold out my dreams and values


You see I couldn’t really determine the how, what, when and a very important thing the amount of money I wanted to charge. It was all fixed. If I wanted to earn a descent pay I had to work many hours.


One day I was talking about entrepreneurship with my eldest daughter who had a little business on the side for herself. I was explaining all that I did and how I was working. Suddenly, she said to me: ”But dad, what’s the difference between you now and one of their employees?”. I can tell  you that was a verbal slap in the face. It woke me the f**ck up.


I was stuck in a golden cage. In the flow of it all it felt ok. But every time I thought about what my core values where and what my business had to do for me I felt an unease. I couldn’t do the things I had to do to create my own business. I had a desire to convert my own ideas into program and decide the pricing I was convinced I was worth. 


 Living Your fullest potential


I wasn’t living in alignment with my dreams and I wasn’t living in alignment with my soul’s mission. I most probably don’t have to tell you what it feels like that you’re stuck and not living up to your fullest potential. That feeling is horrible and can make you sick.


So, in the end I had the courage to say no and started creating my business in alignment with my dreams and soul’s mission. I noticed a lot more energy, pleasure, fulfillment and customers that really suit me.


My question to you is: are you stuck in a golden cage? And if your answer is yes what do you want to do about it?


My advice to you is:

  • Go back to the reasons why you wanted to start your business.
  • What is it that you want to create and put out there in the world?
  • What is your heart and soul whispering to you?


The future BELONGS to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams

Eleanor Roosevelt.


As you might know that the true gold is outside of the cage where you don’t always feel safe and feel the comfort of the golden cage.

 So, what is your next move?

A first step could be to take up my free offer to you for a free strategy and clarity call


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