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Your business is doing good and you spend a lot of your time working and working. The money is coming in and despite the succes you experience there’s something missing. You ask yourself the question many times over; Is this it? Is this what I had in mind when I first started my business? Where is the freedom, where is my self-expression? Where is my time to do what I want to do?  


There is something missing in your life and business and that missing of something is giving you that feeling of unease. I can tell you from experience in being of involved in so many life’s that that feeling is caused by not being aligned.  


Not being aligned you say? Yes, not being aligned with your souls mission, your purpose. I believe that we all received a dream from God (or the Universe, the Divine) and it is our duty to discover this mission and then live it. I believe that creating a business and being an entrepreneur is the best personal development way of life there is. It is also a great way to live and carry out your souls mission. 


When your business is doing well or extremely well a lot of times the first thing that gets lost is your joy. The passion you felt when you dreamed of starting your business has vaporized. This moment now is exactly where you are supposed to be because now you are aware of the ‘missing’ and it is time to take action and become the creator of life and business again. It is time to create that soul based business which is in alignment with your purpose and will give a sense of fulfillment.


“The secret of change is to focus all of our energy not on fighting the old but on building the new.”



  • Ambitious, creative and spiritual entrepreneurs who know what they want to create.
  • Who wants to create a business and not just a job for themselves.
  • Who knows that achieving audacious goals need other people in the process of being born, created, grown and implemented.
  • Who are ready to be vulnerable in the proces and want to contribute in the fruition of the goals and dreams of other masterminders. 
  • Who wants to be held accountable and want to receive feedback


“The conscious path to happiness excludes holding another person responsible for how we choose to feel and behave.”   

Miquel Franco

As CEO of two companies I asked William to help improve my communication skills so I could grow my influence and achieve more alignment in the way we work. To my pleasant surprise due to the mentoring of William I gained more awareness and growth in my personal leadership. This growth and awareness helped me achieve all my goals I set out at the beginning of this journey. He is very reliable and skilled in what he does. He creates a safe environment for me to be vulnerable and reflect on what is necessary. He also coached our team which made us more aware in how we do things and how we can improve. I highly recommend him.

Alexander Wiltjer

CEO Op10mA | Spoor10

In 2019, William Meister was my business mentor. I experienced William as a committed and dedicated mentor. In addition, we had a click, essential for the process. I have come to different views. It is key to Be first, then to Do and only then to Have, I used to work exactly the other way around. William also helped me to zoom out, look at myself and my business. Judith Support starts with Judith, with my own story. In addition to my professional experience and education, I have gained so much experience through “the story of my life”. This is of considerable added value. I learned how to create and design Judith Support from here, with its USP, core values and where I want to support my customers. Thank you William! Judith Schaap

Business Owner, Judith Support

William helped me to become more aware of what areas in my life and business could be challenged. He asks the right questions to activate me into action and transformation. I transformed my business I had for years in a soul based business and only do the things that are in my zone of genius and make me happy. I am doing business in complete alignment with my soul’s mission.

Martin Pottjewijd

Business Owner, Martin Pottjewijd Creations

There are different possibilities in working with me. Please book a free call to find out what options there are for you reaching the best results.

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