A powerful and unique online transformation program


RISE ENTREPRENEUR (12 week online transformation program)

An online program to transform your business into a soul based business that is in complete alignment with you and your desired way of living.

 Resulting in doing business the way you want:

  • A business that is in alignment with your mission
  • Working with the clients that suit you
  • The business is complimentary to your way of living
  • Earning the money, you desire
  • Living life, the way you want

Your way = your message, method, ideas, clients, pricing, terms, time, content

Business mentoring & coaching from William provides clarity, confidence and courage to create the business that is in alignment with your heart and soul. It is not that you do not have enough work. Matter of fact is you can’t complain and you even maybe doing better than the average coach and trainer. But there’s this voice deep inside of you whispering that this wasn’t what you in had mind. Or should I say, in heart.


You are working a lot of hours because the fee you’re getting for your work isn’t exactly what you had in mind for yourself. You are afraid to say no because how things are going gives you a sense of security. Lying on your bed you hear the whispering of your soul. The truth is you are waiting to be picked and create success without feeling the pain of possibility, vulnerability and risk.  


It is the whispering from your heart and soul telling you that you are not living in alignment with your truest potential and purpose. You know what you want to create and share with the world. You know that you’re worth good money for your services. As long if it is your souls service, your voice and your idea’s as solutions for the problems out there.


Now you are stuck in work, business that that you really do not want to do. Helping clients that you really don’t want to help and earning the money that you find it is not in alignment with the value you provide. You are worth more and are meant for more.

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”


 Eleanor Roosevelt


This online transformation course is for ambitious, creative and spiritual business owners who have a strong desire to do business their way. A business that is in alignment with their souls mission. A business that makes the way you want to live possible instead of living for your business. You already have a business that is running at least 3 years. You have a certain way you want to live and your business has to support that in every way. You find it important to be of significance to the world. 


“Once you understand that there are problems waiting to be solved. Once you realize that you have all the tools and all the permission you need, then opportunities to contribute abound.”  

Seth Godin  

Curriculum Rise entrepreneur

Intro lessons: who’s William and explanation about this program, origin of DEEPSTEPS.

 The golden cage intro lesson / what is an entrepreneur?

Module 1 Discover

  • The helicopter view – what is my current situation
  • How did I get here? / which decisions / intentions / dominant thoughts
  • What was my desired situation – outcome?
  • Million Dollar question / what if I could start over again? What would I do?
  • What is the dream/mission/desire


Module 2 Explore

  • What possibilities do I see, heard of, attract me and scare me?
  • What does my ideal life and business look like?
  • The souls mission / purpose myth
  • What changes are required?


Module 3 Examine

  • What do I feel now that I have made the choice?
  • Stop fighting the fears but feel them – what positive thing are they telling you
  • The choice – commitment time!
  • How to deal with the fears – becoming a creator / entrepreneur


Module 4 Pursue

  • The desired outcome in goals and vision board
  • Handling your current business and clients
  • Focus and the one thing – creating your daily or weekly practice
  • Creatorship is entrepreneurship – Viktor Frankl – The power of vulnerability
  • The power of intentions
  • Dreams are not achieved on your own – team or not to team?



William is sincere and pure and from this state he knows what bring into the coaching what benefits me. He empowers me to take big leaps to the next level. I see William as my teacher and guide. He really helps me grow.

Shanita Doerga

Business Owner, Kickass Life

In 2019, William Meister was my business mentor. I experienced William as a committed and dedicated mentor. In addition, we had a click, essential for the process. I have come to different views. It is key to Be first, then to Do and only then to Have, I used to work exactly the other way around. William also helped me to zoom out, look at myself and my business. Judith Support starts with Judith, with my own story. In addition to my professional experience and education, I have gained so much experience through “the story of my life”. This is of considerable added value. I learned how to create and design Judith Support from here, with its USP, core values and where I want to support my customers. Thank you William! Judith Schaap

Business Owner, Judith Support

William helped me to become more aware of what areas in my life and business could be challenged. He asks the right questions to activate me into action and transformation. I transformed my business I had for years in a soul based business and only do the things that are in my zone of genius and make me happy. I am doing business in complete alignment with my soul’s mission.

Martin Pottjewijd

Business Owner, Martin Pottjewijd Creations

Rise entrepreneur

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