Is Money the only motivation of being in business?

I can clearly remember the moment I crossed that magic line of 6 figures. Yes it was a magic line for me in that time of my life and business. So many gurus and business coaches were talking about the magic 6 figures that I thought I had to achieve that to be a good entrepreneur and belong.


The thought of just earning 5 figures made me feel less worthy. So, I embarked on the journey to pass that magic line. At the end of 2018 I passed that magic line and I was having a nice cold beer to celebrate this moment with my friend. I even took a screenshot of my account balance.

 I lost something on the way


I was acting like I was happy and grateful. My friend told me that I had achieved something great and that I played with the big boys now, cheers to that!


But to be honest with you I didn’t feel happy and fulfilled inside at all. I was tired and feeling anxious. I had been working hard on this big project for a big company. It was work that suited me and was a fit to my abilities. There was only one catch. A lot of the work I had to do was not on my terms. A lot was architected by someone else and I had to execute that.


Now for me freedom is a core value in my life and business and this was eating away at it. The voice inside my heart was shouting and I ignored it. Instead I pursued more work in my already busy agenda. My intentions worked out fine. I got more work, earned more money and silenced the voice inside.


I noticed something was off when the summer holiday started. I was desperately in need of some time off and so my family and I went on a holiday in Denmark. You see because I earned a lot of money I could rent this beautiful home in Denmark next to the sea. 


Dreaming the outcome i didn’t want


It took some time to find some peace of mind and to really enjoy. It was there where the trouble started. The thought of not being able to get the same results in 2019 entered my mind. Another thought was the imagination of always working like this in order to keep this level of earnings.  That daydream didn’t go well with me. I desired freedom to decide my own hours and how I did something.

Now back to the end of the year. I crossed that magic line. I felt exhausted because I didn’t listen to that voice inside that I was making too many hours of work that were not in alignment with my souls purpose. I learned that money alone as a driver in your business is not that fulfilling at all. To feel fulfilled, happy you must have more drivers in your life and business than money alone.

Transformation of my business


The year 2019 started and I made the decision that I would transition my business into what I call a soul based business. Soul based means that there is alignment with your qualities, values and mission in life. In short in contains money, freedom and purpose.

Soul Based Business


Yes, in a soul based business it is important to earn money because money is of key importance to your business. No money coming in, no business. You need money to outsource the tasks in your business that do not fit your qualities and take either a lot of time or gives you frustration.


You need money for saving, investing, coaching, events, holidays, software to help you run your business etc.


A business that is in alignment with who you are and your mission is a strong business. It will not wear you out and will give you peace of mind and a feeling of fulfillment.


Money is a key ingredient of a soul based business, freedom and purpose are the other 2 key ingredients.

Do you have a clear purpose in your business? Do you recognize the money trap I got caught in? The good news is that it made me think about what is important to me in life. I remembered that and decided to act and create the life and business that I desired. A business that supports my way of living.


If you want to learn more about these key ingredients and their relation to creating a soul based business than I made a mini video series about why you should create a soul based business.


William Meister

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