“What is the difference between you and an employee at this moment?”

William Meister

I was born in South Africa and raised in Holland. I’m a grateful husband and proud father of 4 beautiful and gifted kids.

When I look at all the things I have done in my life and how often I started from the scratch,

I get the feeling of having lived seven lifes in one. From being a sailor, a franchise business owner to serving in the air force, army and police. I even worked as a freelance pastor.


There was a time I would feel embarrassed when showing my resume but now I am filled with pride and know that it is my strength. It qualifies me to mentor and coach others.

I can see the common denominator in all that I have done. It was persistence, courage, personal growth and leadership. With everything I did, I helped others in their journey; I was the person they would confide in.


One day I felt freedom calling me (again). I was fed up with working for a boss and not being able to decide how and when I did my work. So I took the leap in starting my own coaching business. I had a business when I was 22 years old and it failed. It was a franchise business in cleaning carpets and furniture. It felt scary to pursue this dream again.

One of my favorite quotes by Walt Disney gently pushed me in the right direction:

All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them


The beginning was hard. The world was still in a recession. It was December 2012 when I went to the chamber of commerce to register my business, got some business cards and a Twitter account, website and thought that customers would be lining up for me to help them…nothing at all happened.


A journey of developing myself to become an entrepreneur followed. As a business owner I found myself trapped one day. Trapped in a golden cage of freelance work.

A remark from my daughter while talking entrepreneurship woke me up like a slap in the face does.

“What is the difference between you and an employee at this moment?”


I was confronted with something which I already knew in my heart. I sold out my freedom for work, money and I had created a job and not a business. I felt vulnerable because my core values are self-expression and freedom. Where was my freedom?


Another journey followed and I allowed myself to create the business that was in alignment with my purpose in life. The way I wanted it to be. I call it a soul based business.



“I have gained so much experience through “the story of my life””

In 2019, William Meister was my business mentor. I experienced William as a committed and dedicated mentor. In addition, we had a click, essential for the process. I have come to different views. It is key to Be first, then to Do and only then to Have, I used to work exactly the other way around. William also helped me to zoom out, look at myself and my business. Judith Support starts with Judith, with my own story. In addition to my professional experience and education, I have gained so much experience through “the story of my life”. This is of considerable added value. I learned how to create and design Judith Support from here, with its USP, core values and where I want to support my customers. Thank you William! Judith Schaap

Business Owner, Judith Support


Where is your freedom?

Do you experience freedom in your business? Are you stuck in a golden cage?

Remember why you started your business, most probably it was the desire to be free and express yourself the way you want.

In short you wanted to:

• Create a business from the inside out
• Having and feeling the freedom
• Determine how you do it
• Earn the money you deserve
• Attract the clients you want
• Have a feeling of fulfillment

I help ambitious business owners create a business that is in alignment with their soul’s purpose. A business that really makes you create the how and what.

A business that is an expression of who you really are and how you want to show up in this world.

Want to work with me and create your soul based business?

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