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be in complete alignment
and enjoy the clients you attract and deserve

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“I became more aware and purpose driven”

William is a pleasant person and through his life’s experience has a clear view on people. He is a very experienced coach and really challenged me. He cuts straight to the chase and makes a helpful analysis of what you and you your business needs. I highly recommend William to all business owners who want to become more aware and purpose driven. Damaris de Jong, ceo De Bosk

Every entrepreneur desires it.
All get inspired by it.
What is it?

You and your impact – once you work with me

If you’re a business owner, a ceo or entrepreneur

with the desire to create BIG impact in the world

[to be of significant meaning, change the world and make it a better place]

you’re in the right place.

because I help purpose driven people like you 

break through the blocks, win the inner battles and

create a business in complete alignment with your soul purpose

“Our team has now high impact sessions”

William is a coach who understands what the art of listening is. His diverse background experience makes him equipped to really understand my team. He knows how to cut to the chase quickly and so create a very good and effective team session. Els Boek, ceo Jumbo

William is sincere and pure and from this state he knows what to bring into the coaching what benefits me. He empowers me to take big leaps to the next level. I see William as my teacher and guide. He really helps me grow. Shanita Doerga

business owner

“William made sure tranformation happened”

Great guy and passionate speaker. William spoke and taught our entrepreneur students about growth. He really knows what people need and creates an in-depth experience. People get what they need. He is empathic and shares a lot of value. He makes sure that
transformation happens. Jeanet Wolf, ceo Lifestyle of Business

Besides helping your business grow enormously


I’ll help you with

discovering your authentic dream and understand where you’re at

show all the possibilities and what decisions to make

understanding your fears and what’s holding you back

putting all the necessary steps into motion

teaching of new attitude and entrepreneurial leadership skills

creating the impact with your business


what if…

…you would break through all your inner blocks and have a business in complete alignment with your purpose.

…your business would achieve all set goals.

…you would be in complete alignment with your soul purpose. Enjoying the clients you attract and deserve.

“I grew in awareness”

A coach who knows how to identify the elephant in the room that everybody knows that is there yet no one dares to name. He helped me as a CEO to reflect on my leadership in a safe and pleasant way. His coaching and mentoring style is subtle and helped me grow in awareness. Adriaan Barentsen, ceo Pharmium

Hi, my name is William Meister, I’m a Dutch business mentor with a South African twist.

As a former sailor, army veteran, police officer and even a pastor I know what holds people back from living their dream life and business. In the last decade as an entrepreneur and coaching other entrepreneurs I know how to get unstuck and gain clarity so you can grow to have the business you actually dreamed of.

My name is William Meister and I help ambitious business owners, like trainers, coaches and consultants, realize their entrepreneurial dream and create impact in the world.


My proven DEEP-step process gives you personal insight and understanding, 

guides you in re-discovering your hidden strength, 

helps you create your desired change and impact in the world 

as you realise your entrepreneurial dream.


Want to find out more, book your discovery call now.

“I discovered the courage to take the next step”

William helped me in an inspirational way. Through his coaching and mentoring I realized my desire to take my business international. He offers quality and I found William empowering on my journey. I highly recommend him. Laura Babeliowsky - Top High End Business Coach

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William Meister

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